Whispered to a woman who feels loved, cared-for, pampered to an ultimate degree, to let her know that you have only started.
As she lay on her back, eyes glassy, breathing deeply, wishing for nothing more than the moment, he put his lips to her ear and said, "Tomorrow, I will really start being good to you."
by Monkey's Dad December 3, 2022
Popular frase said by the youtuber twomad before he falls backwards
Josh - I know we couldn't skype tonight, but thats alright. Good night girl I'l see you tomorrow *falls backwards*
by Jolo05 September 17, 2019
Sorry buddy I’m a flaky mcflakeflake but like we still homies.
Me: football tomorrow

Rickey: Fasho

Rickey: We gone have to reschedule. My presence is required elsewhere tomorrow
by ARealNiqqa October 16, 2021
freshest of the fresh
OOOOWEEEEE after that fresh cut I feel like tomorrows bread
by TimE March 18, 2015
What you say when you work a M-F job and it is Friday and you want to reference Monday without having to say Monday. You instinctively want to say tomorrow on Friday but if you had the word Business as in Business Day, then you can use the idea of the next business day in the form of a tomorrow.
Have your reports on my desk by business tomorrow or you're fired.
by DrakeThePengu August 13, 2021
To yell and/or conplain to someone for a period of time that leaves an emotional impact
My mother came in my room to bitch me a new tomorrow when she looked at my grades.
by i_eat_rocks_for_breakfast_ November 30, 2022
if your homie wants to quit a bad habit you can say it to convince him to do that bad habit one more time.
+ Homie : Dude, i am suffering from my this drunking problem.
- Y : Ahhh c'mon duuuudeeee. You can always quit tomorrow. Come drink with me one more time.
+ Homie : Ok.. One last time then.
by DamienGrey September 29, 2019