A company by you, for you. Always invested in the future and how to make it better. Makes AIs to better the world.

Working robots! Amazing fast tech! A step into the future that is so bright!

Advancement Corporation of Tomorrow.
by Are you the future? September 8, 2021
if your homie wants to quit a bad habit you can say it to convince him to do that bad habit one more time.
+ Homie : Dude, i am suffering from my this drunking problem.
- Y : Ahhh c'mon duuuudeeee. You can always quit tomorrow. Come drink with me one more time.
+ Homie : Ok.. One last time then.
by DamienGrey September 29, 2019
Created by mikeesins. When you are bored and about to go to bed or masturbate.
Hey!! ill see you tomorrow
by mikeesins April 4, 2020
One of the top 10 most used lies that is used to get out of shit you don’t want to do
Mom: Go clean your room
Little Timmy: I’ll do it tomorrow
by Bellaz January 13, 2022
To yell and/or conplain to someone for a period of time that leaves an emotional impact
My mother came in my room to bitch me a new tomorrow when she looked at my grades.
by i_eat_rocks_for_breakfast_ November 30, 2022
Just now or just before now.
Jeff tried knocking on the door for hours before he realized,"Wait,... what am I doing? Knocking was so last tomorrow ago!" Then, Jeff grabbed a couch, and slung it at the door.
by Smith dux Wurd August 3, 2017
Saying tomorrow when you’re really never going to do it.
“Hey, John can you do this for me?”
by pseudonymisthename April 14, 2018