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Saul is a type of guy who is first shown as rude but getting to know them, they are really nice. Seems innocent but actually is dirty, Saul also is attractive and is very intelligent.
" Woah who's that cute guy?"

"That's Saul!"
by roses457339 March 17, 2017
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He’s a type of guy that likes to keep things low key. He likes to sleep. He’s very smart, funny, handsome, and very flirty. He can get wild at times. He’s very caring. If he sees that he did something wrong, he’ll try to get your attention and work things out with you. He’s the type of guy who will listen to your problems when you’re sad. You can always go to him because hes trustful. He’s loyal and respectful. He likes to protect what’s his. He has good hair, kissable lips, and a soothing voice. Likes to be goofy at times but hes the perfect man you’ll ever find 😍😍
“Is that Saul?”
Yes, he’s fine, huh?”
by 🍷 October 18, 2018
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An awesome rad dude, who's always there for his friends. A free spirit. Very trustworthy. He's the person people go to talk about life. Loves watching the moon. Typically has long hair.
Yo I met a guy, he's so down to earth. His name is Saul.
by 12gemini August 03, 2017
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A dope fresh person with nothing less than twenty grand in his pocket. Wears only the cleanest and freshest clothes around, almost always guranteed to be wet.
"hey, that kid is almost as fresh as Saul"
by SNA January 10, 2008
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Hey John, what are you gonna do about your arrest?
Well the only thing I can do is Saul the fuck up, and go to court.
by Darby Block July 28, 2014
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aka "salt"
saltiest bitch out, only second to the Dead Sea, the saltiest place on earth
J: "Shit bitch, who dat?"
Yos: "Its mf saul!"
by drakecakesowavy October 06, 2016
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