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Fatass racoon who steals your money in animal crossing and has two nephews, Timmy and Tommy
Tom Nook is a total ass jack
by The car battery March 15, 2020
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a dumb ass bitch whore who steals bells and is a power hungry bitch get your island and kill this bitch once your get a shovel or whack his ass with a net
tom nook needs to move the fuck out
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by imkewllllllllllllllll March 25, 2020
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Character from Animal Crossing.

Tom Nook is a raccoon businessman who owns the main shop in your town and also deals in real estate. He is perhaps the most recognisable character of the series, even making cameos in other games and appearing as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In both Animal Crossing games he sells wallpaper, flooring, furniture and tools. Nook also upgrades his shop after the player makes several transactions with him. He hires Timmy and Tommy, two raccoons that are believe to be related but are actually not , to help work at his store when upgraded to its final incarnation; a large department store called Nookington's. In the Japanese version of the games Nook is actually a Tanuki and indeed his name, Tom Nook sounds similar to Tanuki and his store's logo is that of the mythical leaf that Tanuki are said to be able to change objects into. The furniture Tom peddles also transforms into green leaves in a similar fashion for portability. He also will appear in the background of the stage Smashville in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In my opinion, Tom Nook is a cheap bastard. When you buy from him at full price, you can only get a 4th of the price when you sell it back to him. Second, he is a monopolizer in every animal crossing town. And lastly, I don't like him following me around the store when he is wearing that purple suit.
Tom Nook just upgraded his store to Nookington's. He must have bought out the competition.
by Fleet Admiral Crunch August 06, 2007
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Tom Nook is a character from animal crossing and to put it lightly, A SLUMLORD.
I have to work off all these bells to pay Tom nook back, he's such a slumlord with all his crappy houses.
by Meepingangel May 28, 2013
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A secret Arabian spy used to figure out the American capitalist system to exploit the stock market. Also extremely skilled at being a stupid fucking bitch that will scam all your fucking bells.
Damn that fucking bitch Tom nook stole all of my FUCKING bells again! AHHHHHHHHH
by anon01992065278 May 06, 2020
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