Fatass racoon who steals your money in animal crossing and has two nephews, Timmy and Tommy
Tom Nook is a total ass jack
by The car battery March 15, 2020
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Is coming for those knees
Tom Nook is coming for my knees if I don't pay him
- Jacksepticeye
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A fucking cheapskate who steals players money, and price gouges for everything. He puts you in TONS of debt and is a very stingy raccoon. In The first few games (Wild World, City Folk, and GameCube) he makes you work for him and only pays you 1,800 bells at the end. That’s enough to buy one piece of furniture, and the house loan is 19,800 bells. That should tell you something.
Tom Nook is literally Satan. Not joking.
by Not a legend 27 April 14, 2020
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Money Satan whom puts you in debt even though you could smite him in SSBU. He'll become Karen and take the kids.
Villager A: "Did you get the bells for Tom Nook?
Villager B: "I'm broke."
Raccoon Satan smites their homes.
by T o m N o o k February 22, 2019
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The most evil kneecap stealer known to man and animal kind. Steals bells, kneecaps and items.
Yeah, Tom Nook IS an idiot stealer.
by Ashybae:3 February 22, 2021
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The name of the tanuki in the popular game series "animal crossing"

The rival of this home-seller capitalist is "Redd"
"pay your mortgage, or im evicting you"
"no tom nook! im not ready!"
by Laa_Laa July 2, 2022
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a dumb ass bitch whore who steals bells and is a power hungry bitch get your island and kill this bitch once your get a shovel or whack his ass with a net
tom nook needs to move the fuck out
by imkewllllllllllllllll March 26, 2020
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