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1. to shoot someone in the kneecap

2. to stifle someone or something
They were arrested after they were caught attempting to kneecap a homeless man and now face a trial for assault.
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When a person is shot in both knees, rendering them unable to walk.

Used to be a favourite move for the IRA, but they gave up when orthopedics became good at putting knees back together.

Oh yeah, and a kneecap is the joint between your femur and shin bones..
"Hey man, I'll kneecap 'em for you!"
by Sploosh December 20, 2005
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To place a pistol or other firearm behind a persons kneecap and pull the trigger, obliterating the knee and crippling the victim. A common mob tactic.
The track star wouldn't pay his debts, so we knee capped him.
by sarge September 08, 2005
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The ultimate possession everyone has. I have them. You have them. We all have kneecaps
Ya kneecaps, hand em over
by Isawthelight June 13, 2018
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we call him kneecaps because someone wants to saw off his legs and attach his feet to his "kneecaps"
by dane kinzer September 20, 2003
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a thick bone under the skin in the middle of your leg, also used for kneeing people in the thigh (also known as a charlie or dead leg).
ooooow my knee cap

ill pop a knee in your leg
by kerbe July 26, 2004
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In Africa, a derogatory word for people that is worse than calling them a cunt or dick. Because it is lower on the body than a cunt or dick.
I can't stand my boss, I have not seen a raise in 2 years. What a kneecap!
by Nessambugk June 02, 2018
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