Someone who tries to save every penny. This person may be poor or rich but they're still cheap. If you gave them a million bucks they'd still be cheap.
~Also a viral TV Show from TLC called "Extreme Cheapskates". A very entertaining show.
Dude. Do you watch extreme cheapskates? The pintos are by far the cheapest family!! What a cheapskate Mr. Pinto is!
by honeydrop May 6, 2019
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A stingey person. Somebody who buys cheap in favour of higher quality or better stuff. Even though they might be able to afford the better. Perhaps ungenerously trying not to spend much on their friends. Not particularly offensive, and often intended to ridicule in a light hearted manner. North American origin (skate apparently meaning fellow).
You only got me a half pint - you cheapskate! (light ridicule)
Nice charity outfit you're wearing cheapskate! (mildly offensive)
by verseguru August 20, 2004
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Also used describe people who don't tip. I.E. the pizza man, waitresses and waiters, etc, etc.
Hey Cletus, that mother fucking cheapskate stiffed me.
by MeanJoeInYourFace August 6, 2007
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barbs; he who attempts to save money by exercising unethical practices
"barbs, you cheapskate you cant take chips from the christmas charity hampers to give to your kk"
by Emilyred December 5, 2007
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someone so cheap, he cooks his meals using the work kitchen at the golden eagle refinery so he doesn't have to use electricity at home.
me: greg is so damn cheap!
you: what do you mean?

me: when there arent extra helpings to take home to eat, he stays after his shift is over and cooks his dinner here at work so he doesn't have to use his own electricity

you: doesn't he work more overtime than anyone?

me: yeah, he does ship tie-ups before his regular shift all tihe time and makes a lot but is one big CHEAPSKATE. he's also a lonely jerk who hasn't had a girlfriend in 15 years and is effectively a virgin, due to the lack of play he gets.
by sneekix May 27, 2008
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A individual obviously rich enough to buy nice shit but selfish enough to buy only bad quality crap. Usually feel proud of themselves for being closely related to douche bags.

Other version: can be said of an individual living a cheap life, feeling proud about it by saying they embrace a gypsy lifestyle while actually swimming in their parents money. To be shot on sight.
That fucking customer tonight was not only the worst douche-bag God Himself ever made me encounter, he was also a freaking cheapskate!
by ben-the-man May 31, 2011
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Scouse solo musician who creates retro psychedelia off-set by super-smiley rhymes.
Have you heard that new Cheapskate EP?
by Bobby Coventry December 8, 2008
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