Beating the shit out of someone with your dick until their skin turns purple
Joe: I was fucking white girl Jamie and after a massive nut, I pulled my dick out and beat her ass until it turned purple all over.
John: bruh, you gave her a purple suit!
by sicko x April 10, 2015
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some weirdo from egypt who thinks america is better than britain and walks around in a purple suit attracting all the men when in reality they only go near him to see if his armpits really do smell like chicken as the legends state.
“did you see purple suit today? his armpits really do smell like chicken aaaa
by laqueeshajoe999 January 21, 2021
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It's a pimp suit look up pimp suits and you'd see a lot of purple suits. Even in cartoons when Stewie from family guy was a pimp in the game he wore a purple suit. A pimp named Slickback from The Boondocks also wears a purple suit. Fruit Juice from lil pimp wears a purple suit
Oh he got a purple suit on is he a pimp or sum
by Random niglet August 22, 2021
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