An expression indicating understanding or empathy.
Josie: Damn, I hate my roommate. She eats all my food and sexiles me nearly every other day.
Paul: I hear ya. My roommate is a jackass too. Acts like I don't even live in the same room.

Joel: I wish I could live life to the fullest without a worry in the world.
Gary: I hear ya, man.
by someone took my name =| April 19, 2006
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A common phrase Sean says often as a canned response to many of Jack's questions, comments, or concerns. Also, what he says when he can't really hear what you are saying but wants to focus on his HW and not you.
Jack, "Sean, I broke my leg"

Sean, "I hear ya."
by Inspection12Jack November 10, 2013
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Listening, but not listening, blah, blah blah..........Thinking too yourself " yeah fuckin right, please shut the fuck up for a minute"
Jaime: yeah I got pussy in the parking lot of the club

joe: I hear ya !
by Rule 3 May 10, 2005
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The act of blowing off a person's rebuttal; listening to a person but not actually caring what is being said.
"It's amazing how you think the world is square. I can show you scientific proof that shows otherwise. If i pulled up the recent geography of the world i promise you your outlook would change quickly. The world is round not square."

"i hear ya bro"
by Blackangie July 29, 2017
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