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Referring to Tiverton, Rhode Island, located between Fall River, Mass and Acquidneck Island.
Tiverton is also known as "Tiv-Unit." referring to the number of "gangstersss" in town.
Since the town is small (only 12 miles long) theres not much to do except party.
In the summer, the local teenagers take it upon themselves to call up a 21 year old for a "Packie" run, and head out to the beach where they light campfires and drink their beers.
98% of the under 21 population in Tiverton smoke pot.
Mostly inhabited by rich preppy snobs, in crisp golf clothes, the current population is 15,200.
There are 3 elementary schools in town (Pocasset, Fort Barton, and Ranger), one Middle school (TMS), and one high school (THS).
Town pride is, of course, Tiverton Tigers Basketball.
The Tigers rival has been the Portsmouth Patriots for as long as the high school has been open.
Some local landmarks in Tiverton would be Evelyn's Clam Shack, the Four Corners, and Gray's Ice Cream.
Everything knows everything about everybody in this town, so if you want to keep something secret... don't move here.

Townie: "Keep Tiverton green! Say no to commerical development! Say no to the mall!"
by Tiv-Unit March 28, 2006
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Tiverton's most finest have for the majority originated from Nonquit School (R.I.P). However T.M.S is where all the schools came together. and it got real scandalous. Schools such as Ranger and Poccassett, taught the wholesome kids of Nonquit dirty words, how to grind, and about recreational drug use. Lets face it Poccassett is straight up trashy. TMS is where some of us had our first slow dance or lost our virginity at the Friday night dances. while a certain bald man sat on the stage and tried to peak down girls shirts. Nelly OWNED middle school dances and the drama was comparable to the OC. We all loved those awkward years. Upon graduating from TMS and completing our finals years of puberty we were all a little more bad ass upon entering THS. What can we say, stabbings? bomb threats? mold? random evacuations?
One glorious day though, the clouds opened up and the heavens shined down on little Tiverton. And there was HESS express. where friends meet. a meeting place for when parties are broken up by the cops or to grab some mixers or some gas on your way to cruise the Ave.
Its believed that beer pong actually originated in Tiverton and if thats not true we sure were raised on it. Theres nothing like skipping classes on a hott day and heading to a friends house while there parents are at work for a quick game. And if that's not an option head over to Grenells where you can find condoms burried in the sand.
And what about the infamous Mr. Cody or Mr. Gettzinger. They've supposidly had their obituaries posted in the newspaper about 50 times. Seriously.
There's nothing like senior year in Tiverton though. The non-stop threats of breathalizers at every possible event, the lame senior pranks that always result in arrests, the yearbook profiles which every year the kids get a little more creative in finding a way to sneak in their favorite drugs or alchol example: fresh powder, the captain, baking. We've all had a run in with everyones favorite principal but you're never really sure if its you he's yelling at with his crazy eyes. So after graduation pretty much everyone goes to URI where its a THS reunion 24/7. But every summer we come back and start new scandals and its guarenteed that every week you'll know at least one person in the police reports. And if you're one of the few that doesn't go to URI be sure to hit up a Badfish concert where you'll see 85% of you're class most of them will end up on the stage at one point of the night. There are more random hook-ups at a Badfish concert than prom night. It's straight up dirty.
So if you're an unsuccessful jock, a gossipy bitch, a poser stoner, dress in rennassance clothing, looking to go pro in BP, or just don't fit anywhere else, come to Tiverton. its so random.
Tiverton Class of 2005 Kicked ASS!
by siiiiiiick. September 12, 2006
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located in Rhode Island, its a Ghetto little neighborhood/ town near Fall River, New Bedford and Portsmouth. Shitty roads, dangerous alleys, don't come here. Rising diversity thanks to an influx of Filipino and Colombian immigrants in recent years, portuguese are the highest ethnic group, comprising like 90 percent of the pop.
you best be strapped when you come to the T.I.V.

Them niggas in Tiverton are crazy mutha fuckas
by XiEdXei January 16, 2009
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A place where the most interesting thing for 12 miles in every direction is the Dunkin' Donuts, and where all the poor saps from Little Compton are forced to go to school. Most of the guys think they are gangsters, most of the girls are slutty, and all of the public schools are bad. There is however, a very nice Italian Restaurant called Nonni's, and Evelyn's, which was on television. Problem: everything is expensive and closes at 8:00. The residents are known as Tivertonians.
Person: I wanted to go out last night, but it was 8:03, and in Tiverton, there is nothing to do.
Person 2: Really? I just went to the skate park and watched a drunk boy get hit by a car.
Note: That really happened. He didn't die, though.
by the not-proud tivertonian December 27, 2012
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Land of men; Where tall, hairy gentlemen who know how to please reside
Did you see the guys from Tiverton? Their cocks must be huge...
by Stefanie Amber April 17, 2008
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A small town in RI where, as already noted the children all smoke pot and the parents interfere with the coaching, but what you may not know is that everyone either lives in a McMansion or a trailer-park and the parents think the way to educate their children is to undermine the schools and the schools ask for it by hiring predatory males as behavioral specialists...just to make quota. The only critique of the previous posts/definitions is that the locals were called tall Portuguese gentleman... tall and gentlemanly may be stretches, but in general all these definitions have remarkable accuracy and point to the the strength of internet democracy experiments such as Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia: Good job all!
Hey, check out that small, redneck town in the middle of nowhere...what a Tiverton!
by LB Arts February 15, 2009
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Tiverton – defined by FGHI (part 1 of 6)

Tiverton is a town in Newport County, Rhode Island. Tiverton has 29.4 square miles of land, and 7.0 square miles of water. With an approximate population of only 15,000 people, most residents are familiar with one another. This small town can be divided into a north and south side. The north side is more populated, contains more businesses, and is more polluted than the south side. The south side is mostly uncontaminated, consisting of untouched woodlands, and many pastures designed for animal grazing. Adolescents who reside in Tiverton eloquently refer to the north side as ghetto.
There are four elementary schools in Tiverton. The schools are appropriately named Nonquit, Fort Barton, Pocasset, and Ranger. Ranger was indeed a very slummy establishment, but there were many memories worth retaining. Like the time a student with a speech impediment was scolded by an old and senile teacher. Or the time the students tied up a ghoulishly obese girl to a tree. There was also the fight where a boy hit the ground in tears after one punch to the eye. And of course, you cannot forget about the heated games of soccer and basketball the students played. The games were played so intensely that they either finished with a pseudo fight, or someone kicking the ball over the fence.
When the students got back home from elementary school they spent their time playing basketball. If a student wanted to be well received by his or her peers than youth league basketball was essential. However, Tiverton is so small that the father of one of the players on the team almost always coached. The fathers did their best to imitate what a real coach might do on the sidelines. But any fool could see that their ignorance of the game was unrivaled. This was evidenced by the coaches’ insistence to play their son or daughter all four quarters, regardless if they could make a layup or not. Somehow the children of the coaches’ were always elected to the all star team, because talent level did not matter. Youth league basketball was crafted to keep the snobbish parents of Tiverton happy; the whole league was arranged dishonestly.
Tiverton kid - "Shall we go to high rock or the tower, nig nog"?
by FGHI December 27, 2008
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