Cheap ass vodka thatll get ya fucked up for a low fee.
Yo Nick lets go down to Regis, pick up some bartons, and get maryann and other freshmen drunk and FUCk!
by Peterthefrog April 23, 2006
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1. Someone who has tried very hard and got very far. But in the end it didn't even matter.

2. Someone who is super handsome and has a nice face but it is slightly exotic.
"Oh man, I am so tired. I feel like such a Barton"

"I met this guy! He was such a Barton. We had a really hot time ;)"
by 13243546tadpole March 11, 2013
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A cheap vodka often used in well drinks or used to get poor underaged undergrads drunk.
We were so broke that the three of us pooled together $11 to get a 1.75 handle of Bartons
by Saf the Gaf May 30, 2006
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1. When someone makes a grand error.

2. A very embarassing moment.

3. A mistake made due to a combination of laziness, a brain-fart, greed, bad luck, and foolishness.
1. Sandy really pulled a Barton. I caught her digging for change like a mad woman in my sofa cushions after I came out of the bathroom.

2. When we were at my sisters place Sandy pulled a classic Barton. While laughing she started to fart uncontrollably. What's worse, it really stunk.

3. He really pulled a Barton. He got fired on his day off for stealing cardboard boxes from work. I think he was trying to build a clubhouse.
by 7 Mile Massacre April 14, 2006
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v. (commonly bartoned) an action through which a person or persons is rejected, humiliated, punished, or degraded. Also, having something taken away that is usually and rightfully ones own. See also served

Originating in WIlson NC, Barton College is a craphole, from which came Matt Boykin. The term was derived from the college by the Appalachian baseball team initially to describe a time when Coach Boykin would make a player do something the player would rather not do. Since Boykin was a coach, there was not much a player could do. Mostly, it was used to describe the person on whom Boykin abused his power, and was therefore widely considered a dick. Bartoned would later come to use in everyday life around Boone, NC when something funny would happen to another person. Boykin is a bitch.
Boykin: Vance, can you pick up these balls, clean the dugout, wash the uniforms, mow the grass, and wash my car since I'm a coach and you have to say yes?
Vance: Uhh...I guess.
Boykin: You guess? What's that supposed to mean? Can you or can you not?
Vance: Yeah.
Rest of team: haha Vance got Bartoned.
Steve: Where'd all the beer I bought go?
Jon: Matt Roldan bartoned them from you.
by AppBaseballSucks June 22, 2005
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