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Referring to Tiverton, Rhode Island, located between Fall River, Mass and Acquidneck Island.
Tiverton is also known as "Tiv-Unit." referring to the number of "gangstersss" in town.
Since the town is small (only 12 miles long) theres not much to do except party.
In the summer, the local teenagers take it upon themselves to call up a 21 year old for a "Packie" run, and head out to the beach where they light campfires and drink their beers.
98% of the under 21 population in Tiverton smoke pot.
Mostly inhabited by rich preppy snobs, in crisp golf clothes, the current population is 15,200.
There are 3 elementary schools in town (Pocasset, Fort Barton, and Ranger), one Middle school (TMS), and one high school (THS).
Town pride is, of course, Tiverton Tigers Basketball.
The Tigers rival has been the Portsmouth Patriots for as long as the high school has been open.
Some local landmarks in Tiverton would be Evelyn's Clam Shack, the Four Corners, and Gray's Ice Cream.
Everything knows everything about everybody in this town, so if you want to keep something secret... don't move here.

Townie: "Keep Tiverton green! Say no to commerical development! Say no to the mall!"
by Tiv-Unit March 28, 2006

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