Yo, is there a packy near here - gotta pick up a six of tall boys.
by kevin barnard August 12, 2003
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Any place to purchase beer or alcohol, but not a bar.
short for "Package Store," a place to buy liquor in a package to take with you.
Term commonly used in Massachusetts and parts of RI and NH where massholes have settled.
Dude have you been to that new packie on Mass ave?
They got a wicked pissah selection of beers!
by hogman September 14, 2005
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Derogatory term for Pakistani, also used widely toward anyone of Indian/Asian decent especially Muslim. Commonly British usage.
Am just off down to the Packie shop for a pack of fags...
Why can't Packies play footy?... Cos every time they get a corner they put a shop on it!
by Badgerpower February 16, 2012
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Nick name for anyone named Patrick, used mainly in Ireland.
Its your round Packie.
by Billy R December 4, 2007
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Same definition as packy, only as a female.
Hey man you remember Packy's girlfriend Packie taking forever to pack a bowl?
by steammustachio April 25, 2021
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Person who makes a run to get alcohol for people who are generally underage. People will usually go back to the same person for their alcohol, thus that person becomes a packie because he is their store. Fairly new definition, originated in Mass.
"I hafta meet my packie before I come to the party."
by boconn June 30, 2006
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A shortened version of the word "Packet".

A small plastic sealable container that generally holds the contents of narcotics... Or a spare button for ones shorts.
Friend: "Hey bro! Chop us a fatty!"
You: "Hell yeah! Oh no... Wait... My packie is empty, bro"
by rchrdklly December 17, 2019
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