A small town in southeastern Massachusetts that was once the country's number one textile producer. The people are predominantly Portuguese, but there is a large Cambodian population. There are five sections of Fall River: the South End, the North End, the Highlands, the Flint, and the Narrows. Most people who live in the Highlands believe they are better than everyone else because their houses are sually old. They fail to mention that fact that most of those houses are now tenements and/or falling apart.
Dude, Fall River sucks ass.
by Michaila January 04, 2006
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Fall River like any other city has it's "ups and downs" I myself am rather fond of Fall River. The city on a Hill filled with ethnic diversity including an abundance of European Immigrant traditions as well as gorgeous old Victorian Homes and neighborhoods.
Fall River was named after the Quequechan; a Native American, which translates into "falling water". The Quequechan River runs through the city which overlooks the Taunton River and flows into Mt. Hope Bay. The river, along with all the salt used in the winters here, are the main causes for all the "potholes" So my suggestion is be aware and drive slowly. enjoy the sites.

If someone tells you to Cruise the "Ave" there are much better ways to waste your gas such as drive from Somerset to Little Portugal in 5 minutes flat.

You might find a sign that reads: "Next time you cut through my yard go around" or never-ending one way streets large enough for 2 lanes, and two way streets one lane wide. But again, Drive slowly! Some potholes have been known to swallow entire Toyota sedans.

Fall Rivers hails the unsolved mystery of Lizzie Borden; acquitted of the hatchet murders of her father and stepmother in 1892. She is buried at Oak Grove Cemetary.
Emeril Lagasse, the famous chef is from Fall River, MA. BAM!
I went to see the "Portas da Cidade" in Fall River and sat on the bench and ate a malassada.
by 67twinturbo February 25, 2009
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Fall River, aka The Dirty Dirty: Is to be a city of prostitute thrills, blood spills, pills stacked like hills, and cocaine mills.
Dude, seriously you're as ghetto as Fall River itself. Go home scumbag.
by B-Levy89 October 08, 2019
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Getting a bad deal or the shit end of the stick. When one agrees to something without complete thought about the result.
Manny got Fall Rivered when he bought an '86 Ford Festiva for 3 grand.

That dude really Fall Rivered you on that bag of weed.
by manny clause March 15, 2007
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A small city located in south eastern Massachusetts that is filled with wiggers upon wiggers. Caution: Attempting to leave one's home in this city will undoubtedly result in the pure urge to knock the living daylights out of these aforementioned wiggers. The city's climate consists of long, ungodly-like freezing winters and short wigger-filled summers. Unlike friendlier parts of the world, any attempt to look at and invoke a "hello" from most individuals in this city, will result in angry stares and possible threats. Some of the most annoying locals can be found wasting both their time and gas on "the ave." With nothing to do and even less to see, staying home is your best option.
You'll know you're in Fall River when you hear words such as: wit (with), boi (boy), wifey or shawty (wife or girlfriend), ma (female), and many other annoying made-up words.
by Kerberos84 February 18, 2011
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a small CiTY! where everyone thinks there black && if you dont fit in your basically dead to everyone but never-the-less its ghetto but fun !
fall river is fucking crazy.
by the true fall riverian:) October 17, 2007
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A Price Rite bag. Price Rite bags are larger, and of a much stronger quality than the typical grocery or paper bag, making them the "high end" bag of choice for the homeless population to carry everything they own.
Bum 1: my stuff!!! It fell on da floor outa my bag!!!

Bum 2: dat's funny!

Bum 3: he shoulda got used some Fall River Luggage to carry his stuff across plymouth ave!!!

Bum 2: ya, instead, he got runned over by a low ridin 92 civic.
by CheapScotch June 17, 2012
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