A word used to describe something that’s amazing and cool.
“Did u hear the new song? It’s class
by What.a.gal November 20, 2018
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Something MEN have and BOYS don't. Respect.
Boy:Aye' bitch, you look damn fine tonight can i pop yo' pussy?
Man:Hey, you look great tonight, you should come over to my place sometime.

by C-AB 23 October 27, 2012
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CLASS (acronym), Come Late And Start Sleeping
Mom:Go to bed, you're going to be late for class and your probably going to fall asleep in class aswell.

Alex: I know.
by Guenov January 15, 2012
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1.That episode of fantasy factory where they go clubbing with mature women in formal wear and drink champagne.

2. Jack Creech
That man is classy like jack creech.
by Sammy Sprinkler II June 23, 2011
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Dude, drinkin' outa these bud bottles, is straight class.
by Mike Stang February 9, 2008
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The epitome of man. An individual who's Classiness out weighs the worlds. Who's talent is surpassed only by his dashing good looks. Someone who smokes cigars of gold, and will only do things for his pleasure. A man who uses his dog for his chariot, instead of horses. A man who isn't afraid to show you his Texas belt buckle, and send pictures of it to people. A man...of CLASS.
Drinking out of a glass, being rested upon your stomach...thats classy.
by Big Z-UNIT August 7, 2008
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When a boy or girl has a formal, even somewhat snooty way about them, women without class are particularly ho's, or tomboys.
by Wizzkid2 August 26, 2011
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