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a city on south coast Mass where you eat linguica and jag, know to stay away from the Front after dark, head down to the Fort to light up or get laid, know that Guatemalans all live in a van, know that Sassaquin isn't really New Beige, get dressed up to go to the Madeira feast, can prove that the Dartmouth refs get paid off, know that boys do play volleyball, head to Puzzles if you're gay, head to Strand if you're underage, head to Bar 908 if you're a forever resident, and know at least three people who sells drugs
cruisin the ave until 2 on a Friday night, hittin up the 24 hour Dunky's, doin a turnaround at Brooks, and laughin at the imports in the Wendy's parkin lot and at the wall
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a city where, you know not to snitch; the west-end is more than just a neighborhood; no one goes to the south-end; everyone goes to 908; the high school is the third largest on the east coast; the ave is only cool to portuguese people; the madeira feast is like a reunion; the whaling city festival is waaaaay to ghetto now; and everybody knows everybody else.
New Bedford's soooo ghetto, make you wanna slap yo mama!
by Derringer#1 January 16, 2008
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The worst city in Bristol Co. Massachusetts, and one of the worst in the state. True, Fall Reev sucks, too, but at least there's some fucking schools and nature for kids who want to escape gangs and drugs, goddamn it. New Bedford isn't nearly as dangerous as people claim, however, if you don't buy or sell drugs. 93.8% of everyone bitching about being "victimized" is a dirty motherfucker who had it coming.

Lulz all over "every black guy has a gun and every white kid gets jumped" bullshit. Anybody who has ever lived in the South Side and isn't a bitch knows better. Cats on Ruth Street are mostly white ass fucking GDs (with a few black dudes and Ricans thrown in), and the crew that runs Rivet/Crapo are also some pale ass motherfucking GDs. The Gs that run South First are mostly Puerto Rican GDs. The only overwhelmingly black gangs in the city are Monte's Park, in the South End, and United Front in the West End. Anyone who claims otherwise is a straight up mark, plain and simple.

The other major gangs in the city reside in the "north" end close to downtown; the areas around Beetle St., Bullard St., Ashley Blvd. south of Brooklawn, Presidential Heights, Brickenwood, and Nashmont are mostly run by ALKN with some ร‘etas thrown in for flavor. They are largely Hispanic, but in the New Beige (eh, guy!), the ALKN has a lot of Portugee, white, and black members, as well.

New Bedford does have some decent looking bitches with round, fat asses, and a whole lot of ethnic diversity. Everyone knows the Fort is what's good... safe during the day for families, and crazy at night for parties. Nobody enters Battery Milliken without a flashlight, some steel, and a dime. There are also at least 72 Dunkins in New Beige. 908 is alright if you don't feel like going to Boston or Providence. Grab some friends and flirt with the sweet mamis everywhere you go and you'll forget all about the guy next door selling D or the kid who got shot down the street last week. New B isn't all bad, kid!
DEA or INS Agent- "How do you get to New Bedford?"

Resident Masshole - "First you have to push the shaft aside, then lift the sack. Continue south until you find the brown star... enter and you're in the Beige."
by O_Corajoso April 09, 2009
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A town with nothing but shit talk in Southern Mass.
Close to Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Rochester, Marion and let it be known its the poorest of them all. New Beige a place where the kids ride dirtyy; & know how to party. Everyone that anybody knows everyone. Where the "skaters" skate "the ledge" and the "gangstas" rep the "front." where we know every black kid has a gun and every white boys been jumped atleast once. Where the school system knows nothing but to throw kids out to westside. Noone's really positive who their babies daddies are. Where Charter school is hated and NBHS is forever. Where Mr. Whaler is basically the teen of the town. Kids play frisbee at buttonwood but they play it down right rough. Where every clique has is whore; the term bobblehead is used often. Where we know all the rich kids live in the North end and we know Sassaquin isn't new b. Where UFP is shot up atleast once a year and C-block isn't a real gang. Where all the kids know how to dance; and can shake it like jello makin' all the boys in the surrounding towns say hello. Everyone has a two-way; "BLEEEPBLEEP, Niggahh where you at?!" Where the word "niggah" is deffinatly over used. New Bedford is love and we rep it all too well. The local shows are all "HARDCORE" yet every scene kid shows up.
Well yeah we aren't any better then you but dont call New Bedford the "ghetto" its a town too. we love it just as much as you.
example: New bedford makes you wanna Holllahhhh :
by Nichole && Morgan :] April 02, 2007
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New Bedford, aka the secret city, aka the war zone, aka new bagdad, aka drug capitol of New England,aka drama city aka pit city! very violent city, but most people dont know this, that is one of the many reasons why its called the secret city, that and cause there is no snitching and alot of underground talent! A place where half the city dont speak english! alot of immigrants live there! Recorded population is 93,000 but the real population when you add the illegal immigrants is 110,000! A place with a very multicultural background and much history that should be in the history books but is not!(secret city)A place where the ave. is driven up and down by 17 year olds that just got there licence or to show off there rims and systems! Drama is unavoidable and keeps you on edge but everyone still says there bored!!! A place where black, white, puerto rican, mexicans, cape verdeans and more all chill with each other cause we all grew up poor and ghetto on welfare and section 8! A place where most of us grew up with out fathers, everyone knows a drug dealer or deals drugs and where everyone including kids, adults, grandparents and city councilors, know someone who has been murdered! New Bedford has beautiful beaches and girls, but where a condomn cause you dont know what you'll catch in our oceans!!! Home to many smart and talented individuals but grew up on there own and are misguided!!!A place that we all try to leave but when we do....we always come back! Home to mini portugual and mini cape verde, and now mini mexico!!!lol NEW BEDFORD, hate it or love it, we here, been here before most of you,.....rough and tough, built strong,......and our fishing fleet is almost gone......but we survive..........................!
by jynx1012 July 04, 2009
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New Bedford, MA is an average sized city in southeastern Massachusetts

Highway Route 18 takes you from North to south ends.

Known for its history in whaling and and underground railroad also 18th century imigrants from Portugal, cape verde and French Canada.

The late 1980's is when the city was overcome and multiplied with Quatemalans, hispanics, etc.. etc.. where their claim to success is gangs and selling drugs, and everyone wants to live on welfare and do drugs.
now there isnt much more than abandoned buildings with no one that wants to work. and the city is struggling to upkeep its undergrowth of filth.

There are 3 high schools:
Voc- Tech - go there to learn how to work in the real world

new bedford high- where some get an education and gangs try to be cool but get demoted to

west side high school- with juvenile law breakers

Dont listen to the mumbo jumbo about gangs and whos reppin where. its all just to indimidate the hard working individuals. while the welfare crowd stays at home and deals drugs out of there over-filled 1 bedroom apartments.
New Bedford, MA
by HardworkerfromNB April 20, 2011
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