In America, a townie is a person who has lived in a small town for his or her entire life. Often proud of that fact, townies take great interest in every detail of change in their home turf. Notable characteristics include: making fun of places they've never been (and probably will never go), remembering what used to be where that new building is, and getting fat after high school.
Townie: "Things haven't been the same around here since they built that hotel where the old hardware store used to be."
by Alligator Fuck Master February 17, 2008
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The townie (tracksuits retardus) are hideous creatures which roam the lands of England. They tend to be known as chavs, neds or basically just fucking assholes.

The male of the species tend to be called 'Gav', 'Gaz', 'Baz', 'Nat' or 'Matty'. He tends to have a shaved head, to make him look 'rock 'ard, innit', or in modern English, tough. Although townies are racist towards asians, they accept black people into their 'crew', and the black townies tend to bleach their hair yellow (blonde). Their hides tend to consist of (fake) Burberry caps, hoodies over the top, with the hood constantly up, matching tracksuit bottoms with the lines down the side, and white trainers. They also tend to wear plastic rings from the 20 pence (British money) plastic jewelry vending machines. They buy all their 'bling' or 'heavy shit' with money stolen from their parents or 5-year-olds which they beat up, money found on the floor, or from drug dealing and their girlfriends' prostitution, which brings me onto the female of the species.

Female townies tend to be named after dolls, or celebrities such as 'Britney' or 'Jordan' (Americans, Jordan is a page 3 model famous for her massive big tits). There are two types of female townie. There is the Stripy Pink Townie and the Half Naked Townie. The stripy pink townie wears a white tracksuit top with 'Babe' on the front in bright pink text with pink stripes down the sleeves, and cheapest of the cheap matching white jogging bottoms with pink stripes down them, all of this of course, with the cheap white trainers. The half naked townie wears very little. She wears a 2-inch long skirt, knee-high boots and tight bra-tops. They are sluts, and are usually prostitutes. The two types of female have alot of things in common, however. They both wear hoop-earings with a diameter of 2 meters, they both wear cheap makeup and perfume which smells of fresh assjuice, they are all blonde with huge dark roots, even the natural blonde townies have 9-inch roots.

All townies travel in groups of 50 to about 80. They beat up anything which moves, however they don't fight alone, for instance it will take them all to beat up a couple of 7-year-olds and steal their money. There are usually under-10s in the group of townies, usually the sons and daughters of the 11-year-old townies. The offspring will usually see you coming, run back to the group of townies and tell them that you were picking on them, quite basically, they are all little shits. As the big townies start shouting abuse at you, the little townies will usually finish their fathers' sentences with "yeah!", "go on, Gav, beat the shit out of the fucker" or "yer fuckin' dead ya knob 'ed". All townies smoke. It's not an option. The strange creatures seem to live on nicotine rather than oxygen, scientists still want to investigate this, but they can't get too close to capture a townie without getting spat at or beat up. If you hear "WHAT YOU WALKIN' AWAY FOR?", "WHAT YOU FUCKIN' LOOKIN' AT?" or "DON'T YOU FUCKIN' IGNORE ME!", it is a good chance that within 30 seconds, you will be chased by a bunch of 50 or so male townies on bikes which they got for Christmas when they were 5 years old, spitting and swearing. Townies never actually beat anyone up, but they spit and throw things so be warned.
"Oreet Gav ma bruv, innit!"
"Oreet Matty!"
"I dealt some of ma shit today to dese mothafuckas and i used tha dough to buy dis fuckin gold ring!"
"Whoa, that shit's heavy, bruv!"
"Yeah look, the gold fuckin rubs off in case ya want it to be silver!"
"That's fuckin heavy shit bruv!"
by Arran December 04, 2004
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A townie (UK countryside slang) is a person from a town or a city.

Symptoms of this disease include being horrified that you've named the turkey that you're fattening up up for Christmas dinner, calling a cow a bull and not knowing what a heifer is.

This is a disease can be cured by living in the countryside for two years, and making yourself look like an arse to the amusement of every other country dweller.
Farmer Dai: Did you see that group of Londoners come into the pub earlier?

Farmer Arthur: I tell you what those bloody Townies do my head in.
by xxx_mlggoprobrolololololo_xxx January 09, 2021
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American definition:
1. For education institutions located outside of cities, a townie is a person who lives and works near the institution but is not affiliated with the school itself. These people are lowly paid and poorly educated.

2. A person who grew up in towns.
The Simpsons:
"stupid townie!"
Homer: "Hey! It's townies like me that cook your food and clean your bathrooms!"
"If you did the former better, we would use the latter less!"
Homer runs off crying
"That's it townie! Run! Run back to your town!"
by TonyZee April 13, 2009
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Someone who never leaves their town and eventually raises a family in the same town they were raised in. These people tend to remain in the same social clique for their whole life. They are always living in the past.
Lorie is a townie. She married a boy from high school and they now live in the same town they grew up in.
by jumper111 May 12, 2010
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A townie is a cacka who thinks he/she is 'in' they say completely made-up words like
'mush', 'innit' and 'bruv'
they are often incredibly un-intelligent and wear fake burberry or cheap sports jackets and caps. They also tend to wear these caps at almost vertical angles on their heads.

Townies are also often completely deaf:
(a townie is walking along in his 'crew' and a group of skaters walk past)
Skater1:(shouts) Townie!!
Townie1: Wha' d'ya call me??
Skater2: He called you a townie duh
Townie2: Wha' d'ya call i'm?
by Townie Hater December 21, 2004
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(American definition, noun) Derogatory slang term that generally refers to someone who lives locally to a town, usually uttered by someone who does not. The implication is that the outside party is superior to the local populace, who are seen as inferior because of the negative stigma attached to the local environment they live in.

Most commonly used in rural college towns, where a large cultural gap exists between the students that attend and the local populace that simply happen to live there.

Townie can also be used as an adjective in the expected ways (A bar that is popular with the locals, for example, could be referred to as a "townie bar").
"I had some townie try to start a fight with me at the bar last night. I'm getting sick of these redneck locals..."
by TxdoHawk June 17, 2007
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