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In America, a townie is a person who has lived in a small town for his or her entire life. Often proud of that fact, townies take great interest in every detail of change in their home turf. Notable characteristics include: making fun of places they've never been (and probably will never go), remembering what used to be where that new building is, and getting fat after high school.
Townie: "Things haven't been the same around here since they built that hotel where the old hardware store used to be."
by Alligator Fuck Master February 17, 2008
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Outside of england, this is a term used by students who have went to a new city for school to describe the natives of that town. It is often seen as derogitory by those who use it, but townies themselves often embrace it as a badge of honour.
"man there are so many townies at this party"

"so where are you from?"
"oh I'm a townie"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004
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1. Used to denote a person living in the community who does not attend or work for the college or university.

2. A college-aged person who never leaves the town in which, they went to high school in and they do not work attend any form of college.

3. A local, or person who lives in their place of birth.
1. Those townies brought beer for the kegger!

2. You're 22 and doing nothing! You're a townie bum!

3. My dad was born in Boston, we're townies.
by DSpetz July 17, 2005
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The most common use for the word 'townie' in England is that which describes a person.

A townie is normally aged between 11 and 15. Listens to so-called 'garage' music such as Blazin' Squad and So Solid Crew, neither of which is REAL garage music; simply pop music with a stammering kid in fake diamonds fronting the band.

A townie will normally dress in grubby shell-toed Nike trainers, rolled-up Adidas tracksuit bottoms and an unmatching jogging top, regardless of the sex.
If female, the jogging jacket will most likely be pink or baby blue, most likely purchased for £5 at the local market and will have the word 'PRINCESS', 'BABE', 'BLING BLING' or 'FCUK' spelt out in white across the front.
If male, the townie's jogging top will most likely be white with blue sleeves, again purchased for £5 at a market; and will have the name of an American city spelt out across the front, ie. 'BOSTON', 'DETROIT', or 'CUBA'; ..despite the fact that these creatures are not intelligent enough to know where the places they advertise on their chests are. Most, upon asking, will not even realize that 'BOSTON' is a city.

A townie will often smoke because "it's alrigh', innit?". All townies own at least one item of clothing with the disgusting beige/brown Burberry print upon it. Obviously, this garment is not genuine Burberry, and instead of the £400 charged for a real Burberry bag/scarf, will have been purchased for £1.50 down the local market.

A female townie will have poorly dyed blonde hair with split ends and two inch long roots, gelled back into an impossibly tight bun/ponytail held by a fake Burberry hair-tie. The ears will also be adorned with at least three fake gold earrings ("only two quid fer eigh' pairs dahwn 'a marke'") and will have some form of acne, vainly covered up by layers upon layers of cheap foundation, blue eyeshadow and neon blusher. Eyes will also be caked with smudged eyeliner and clumpy blue mascara.

A male townie will not wear make-up, but will normally have a diamanté stud in one ear and boast that he did it himself.

All townies look down upon anyone who:

A) is intelligent
B) has a future that doesn't involve the words 'McDonald's drive-thru'
C) owns an item of black clothing
D) doesn't listen to So Solid Crew
E) doesn't smoke
F) doesn't have a forced Cockney accent
G) shows ANY sign of refusal to conform to the masses; ie. INDIVIDUALITY.
"'Orrigh'?" said one townie to another.
"'Orrigh'," replied the other townie.
by heebiejeebies June 14, 2003
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Townies are scruffy bastards normally aged under 18 year old who speak as common as muck.

They most commonly come from council estates by drug addict parents, they hang around in bus shelters, outside of chipshops, near Spar, street corners, or MacDonalds.

They basically sit in a bus shelter, bandstand, etc, smoke blow, ciggies, drink horrible booze such as cider, white lightning or "lightnin" as they call it.

They will wait for someone normal to walk past before one asks, "Av ya gorra lighter?", if you say no, they will follow you calling you "goff" or "mosha" or other stupid stuff. They may call you something and if you call them something back, you will likely get stalked, chased or beat up. They sometimes just follow you anyway, trying to intimidate people. They sometimes simply mug people, beat random people up, happy slap, sit on someones wall trying to cause trouble, smash car windows, piss on peoples fences, you get the picture, just pointless stuff.

They only hang round in groups, if you actually get one on their own they act like wimps, or say, "Am gonna ring ma bruv up to come and batter' you like". The girls are sometimes pregnant, they wear trainers, tracksuits (trackies), puffer jackets, hoodies, anything that looks crap.

They are scum, total douchebags
by Blaaaaaaaaaah October 09, 2005
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