Titanic AKA: "Failboat" It was a ship built with 16 water tight compartments, and deemed to be unsinkable, however on Failboat's maiden voyage, she struck an ice burg, opening the first 5 compartments to the sea, besides striking along the side, the ship also ran aground over the ice burg, as ice burgs are larger under water than the surface, this caused damage to the Failboat's double bottom. Causing flooding in areas of the ship 15 feet in from the hull, coming from below. Likely from the double bottom being severely damaged.

The Failboat's pumps were only able to pump out about 10% of the water that was coming in. And though the total damage was only about 12 feet square (4 meters square) the ship was doomed, and sank 2 and a half hours later, killing more than 1,500 people, many of which froze to death in the freezing Atlantic.

To this day, Titanic is refered to as RMS Failboat. Because of the legendary fail that happened on that cold April night in 1912.

Partially to blame is humanity, believing that not even an act of god can sink a ship, too much trust in technology. That and the noobs that were in charge of writing laws up, instead of having enough life boats for each person on board, instead stated that lifeboat capacity was determined on the tonnage of a vessel.
Milton S Hershey was supposed to have sailed on RMS Failboat (Titanic) on his return to the US with his wife. But then at the last moment a change of plans, saved him from a likely cold wet grave.
by forwardbias May 09, 2010
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the best movie of all time. throughout watching the movie you sit there and hope jack doesn't die, because leonardo di caprio is the most sexiest man alive. it's a look an older and longer version of the song "someone like you" by adele, making you want to sit there and cry while you stuff your face with icecream and wonder why your love life can't be like that.
girl one: me and jimmy just broke up.

girl two: oh, do you want me to play "someone like you"?

girl one: oh hell no. that can't even come close to showing my emotional despair. i think i'm just going to watch the Titanic and eat a pint of ben and jerry's.
by iamsillychild January 15, 2012
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The Titanic is when you are getting head in a hot tub and the girl is underwater blowing you. You wait, and when she comes up for air, you hit her in the face with a big bag of ice.
Guy 1: "Dude, I gave that girl a Titanic last night!"
Guy 2: "Nice man, how did it go?"
Guy 1: "It was awesome man, I hit her with the ice and screamed 'Never Let Go!'"
by DamianSolari February 19, 2009
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The ship that was claimed by engineers to be the Unsinkable until a mere iceberg turned that fucker into one of the most embarassing failures of he 20th century.
The movie was also shit.
by AYB April 21, 2003
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A type of poop that, after dropping into the water of the toilet, proceeds to shoot back up and lightly touch the anus of the pooper.
Mom!! i just titanic'd a shit!
by titanicman October 05, 2009
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A shit so big that when you first look at it you assume it can't be flushed, despite your doubts you attempt to flush it with great success.
Mike: "Man I was so sure that shit wasn't goin' down, then it was gone in one flush!"

Jamal: Dats a titanic yo!
by Maddymw August 27, 2008
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when you take a shit so big it doesnt fit in the toilet. nhalf of it is in the water and half of it is sticking out of the water.
by benny December 01, 2004
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