Hog all available space, like Rose did in "Titanic" on the floating door, essentially killing Jack.
I would have slept great if you didn't Kate Winslet the bed.
by ikbueno November 28, 2018
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A beautiful english actress from reading, who has magnificently portrayed many characters such as Rose Dewitt Bukater in 'Titanic', and Hanna Schimtz in 'The Reader' (which she won the academy award 'best actress' for). She is a truly inspiring actress and is a generally lovely person.
Did you see "Kate Winslet" in Titanic? She was amazing!
by Nigel58 April 24, 2013
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the single most amazing actress in the history of british actresses. She starred alongside Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland (2004) and made her movie debut in Heavenly Creatures (1993) SHE'S BRILLIANT and i love her *dreams*
"have him to STAY for supper michael, we'r not cannibals"
"What's it like, neverland?" (Finding Neverland)
"I'll never let go Jack" (Titanic)
by RosieNiki April 21, 2005
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