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The Titanic was a large powerful ship that was built to carry 3,500 people. On April 15, 1912 it crashed into an iceberg while traveling. For its time, it was the biggest ship ever made and was talked about for years until it was finnished. In 1997, they made a movie about it, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett.
The Titanic sinking was a horrible disaster.
by smart_girl August 13, 2003

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Known to many as a modern day Nazi, the VEGAN is someone who refuses to eat meat, eggs, dairy products, or any other food that is made from that of animal products. People who are mostly vegans include soccer moms, girls with eating disorders, preps/preppies, members of the imfamous terrorist organization known as PETA, people who are obsessed with perserving the enviorment, and morons with more morals than brains. Vegans suffer from lack of protein, which causes diseases such as anemia, an unhealthy look, and a snobbish attitute to those who do not share the vegan's point of views.
Because she was a vegan, Madison became known to her classmates as "skeletor girl" because she looked like a skeleton, due to her lack of protein. Madison also was obsessed with animal rights and had begun insulting people at her school who wore leather and ate meat. Needless to say, she was her school's most hated student.
by smart_girl July 16, 2003

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