1986 Following a number of trouble free years in Space Exploration the Space Shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after take off watched by people live on TV around the world. The Internet Mail Access Protocol defined which opens the way for E-Mail and the same year the Human Genome Project is launched to understand the Human Makeup , this will open the way for great advances in the treatment of many illnesses. The worst ever Nuclear Disaster occurs as the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Explodes causing the release of radioactive material across much of Europe. In the UK (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease is identified which causes many deaths over the next few years and a major reform in farming practices.
In 1986, the first ten musicians are inducted into Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame
by youheartmisanthrope May 19, 2009
Guy who wears a ripped plaid shirt and a huge chain. Mashed a banana into Brandon DiCamillo's mouth during the "Mad Scientist Shit" skit.
by 1986 March 1, 2004
Brother of wordRake Yohnword.
by FuCKYou November 1, 2003
Brother of Rake Yohn, son of Mary Webb and Mitchell Nineteeneightysix.
by Elgeoharris February 20, 2004
In the year 1986, an epic party was thrown in shanghai. The entire city party and it was so epic that 1,318,386 bodies were found dead and there are still more than 950,000 bodies missing. The Chinese military tried to intervene to stop the party, but they did not succeed. The party lasted 17 days and more than $2.3 billion dollars worth have damage was dealt to the city. After the dust cleared and the party ended, the Chinese government decided to hide the fact that their was an awesome party by telling the world they just experienced a massive earthquake.

Recently an American director found some footage of the party and tried to recreated a movie based of it, but on a smaller scale. The movie is commonly referred to as "Project X"
That party last night was sick! But it was nothing like Shanghai 1986
by The informer November 29, 2012