1912 is the year titanic sunk
(somewhere on the atlantic ocean, the year is 1912 and a big ship called titanic is on its way to great britain... or was it america, anyway)

- oh look a little iceberg:)
- how cute lets run over it!
(bom crash bom bom)
- aaaaaaaaaaah we all gonna die!
by resume January 12, 2006
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A rallying cry for Washington's sincerest, craziest politician, in an election he would have been more at home in.
"Are you voting for Woodrow Wilson?"
"No way! Ron Paul 1912!"
by RichardMNixon June 28, 2012
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Child: when did that big ship sink
Dad: the titanic? It sunk on April 14 1912
by Burgchurg November 9, 2019
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