A queen is born on this day!!! She is beautiful and badass. She may look harmless but she can kick your ass. If you forget to greet her Happy Birthday, she will send the Telletubbies your way.
Boy: When is your birthday?
Girl: April 15
Boy: Oh hell yeah I want you
by Nobody you know hehehe November 30, 2019
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A mother fucking Queen is born that day fuck all the bullshit every body loves this bitch she's one of those bitches who keeps it real she might cry bc she wants you to think she wears but don't under estimate her she kicks ass
It's a April 15 all hail the queen
by Lolkickingme April 14, 2018
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National kiss day
National kiss day is a day where u get to kiss your crush, despite if your hella scary just go for it maybe they like you back;)
Oof so i was wondering since it's April 15 ,do you maybe wanna...you know
by Hahaoofie April 12, 2019
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National thotiana day! A day where we give thanks to thotiana by busting down in or in front of a church
Yo dawg tomorrow is April 15, national thotiana day I’m going to dress as a nun and bust down in church it’s going to be hella lit
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My birthday mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 15 is the day of bad things happening. Abraham Lincoln died, the Titanic sank, Tax Day, The Notre Dame Fire, the day annoying bitches are born
by thatbitchinthecorner December 29, 2020
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