Timofey is a strong, manly, cute guy who gets all the girls wet. If a girl has a crush on Timofey, she's definitely on a good track. Timofeys are funny and if you are on a party with a Timofey that party is surely going to be the BEST!
Timofey are just GREAT in bed because of their HUGE penis!
Jessica: Last night I had sex with Timofey!
Emily: OMFG!!! HOW WAS IT???
Jessica: It was sooo GREAT, he fucked the whole night long, he made me squirt all over the place!
Emily: Ooh god I wish I could fuck with Timofey...
by NotYourBusiness69 August 15, 2018
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Also known as Timokha, Tim, Timothy, Timon, Tima. The coolest guy in the whole world!
Ohhh... You are so cool. Your name must be Timofey
by PushPull February 15, 2018
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timofey is a player, fuck boi, and pre-pubescent teen who vapes, smokes weed and skateboards. he also 100% has a quiff (short on sides, long on top). the best nickname for him is quiffer wet jet. he's a douche who lost his virginity at 13.

also, puberty hit him like a fucking dump truck.
z: whos that?
a: hes timofey but we call him Satan.
by abbi_timberwolf October 01, 2018
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A monster rebounder that can shoot from anywhere on the court. He blocks the shit out of everyone and then says "get that weak stuff outta here". He is the only player in nba history to have 125 points, 439 rebounds, 0 assists, 286 steals, and 1574852 blocks in one game.
Person 1: Yo nice game today you looked like a Timofey Mosgov out there
Person 2: Don't compare me to god
Person 1: True
Person 3: ruff ruff, I'm a dog
by SyrkinationLover123 November 03, 2016
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