At first Timon only sounds like a name but the word is far more than that. Timon also is commonly used to say someone is capable of doing more than they think, or that something was very unexpected (in a good way).
Duuude did he just timoned him.

This Nigga a real Timon.
No way he just timoned that.
by daddygasm March 23, 2020
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Has an abnormally long dong
Damn, he has a Timon dong
by Pumba1410 October 24, 2019
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Timon is a really loving boyfriend

He's a really good bestfriend

He's so smart, loving, caring, funny, but sometimes also really mean and cold hearted.

He is really cold hearted to the people he loves, when he has a depressing phase in live.

HE's really poetic, writes songs(which are really good btw.) he doesn't always know how to express his feelings, that is why he writes songs.
He is really really handsome...

Well actually everything about him is perfect even though he hurts people sometimes..
He acts like he doesn't know you after hebreaks up with you.
Hey Timon, have you apologised to her and tried to sort things out?

Hey where's Timon? It's not funny here without him.
by AmyyyyJ October 20, 2019
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Every guy that's called Timon is intelligent, friendly, good looking and the best colleague you could wish yourself. You should rapidly go and search for someone who is called Timon.
Damn bro why can't you be like Timon.
What would Timon do in this situation.
I need someone like Timon in my life.
by ?!&@ January 3, 2017
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The cutest, sexiest, coolest, and best animated meerkat mankind has ever thought of.
I love Timon sooo much. I just want to snuggle and hold him all day.
by RblMeerkat May 16, 2008
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A really really kind an loyal person. Timon's are always here for you when you need them they always try to help you and cheer you up even if they're bad in it. They don't really believe in their selves but they are actually really smart talented and creative. Timon's have a poker face you don't know what's going on in their mind. They think a lot and they learn really fast. A Timon is a great friend and you can really trust a Timon he will always listen to you.
Get yourself a Timon you will be really happy with a Timon!
by CaramelMacchiato January 9, 2019
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The best Cartoon charictor on the earth because he is a meerkat. he is sexy too ;)
I saw Timon in Disney and got exited
by Meerkat April 27, 2008
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