quiffer is a pusy fart
by jennifer December 15, 2003
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a extremly camp man
by big t July 27, 2003
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A person who likes to sniff bicycle seats
Dude look at Randy sniffing Carl's bicycle seat! What the fuck is that? What a fucking quiffer.
by dudemanyo August 16, 2008
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People that quiff.
Welcome, my fellow quiffers, to the quiff-fest! YAY!
by daQuiffers May 3, 2003
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During some hot sex, the chick might let out a pussy fart. The guy then immediately goes down and sniffs it up.
Ted: "Yo I was fuckin my girl last night when i think she farted out of her pussy. So I smelt down there to see. Yeah she did."

Jay: "Dude...you're a quiffer sniffer...terrible"
by Xander88 August 25, 2008
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