3 definitions by SyrkinationLover123

A monster rebounder that can shoot from anywhere on the court. He blocks the shit out of everyone and then says "get that weak stuff outta here". He is the only player in nba history to have 125 points, 439 rebounds, 0 assists, 286 steals, and 1574852 blocks in one game.
Person 1: Yo nice game today you looked like a Timofey Mosgov out there
Person 2: Don't compare me to god
Person 1: True
Person 3: ruff ruff, I'm a dog
by SyrkinationLover123 November 03, 2016
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The biggest fag bag in the world. Usually spends his time spitting bars and having a watermelon head. He only can talk in laughs and normally says ha ha ha he he he.
I hate you so much you are just like syrkination
by SyrkinationLover123 March 28, 2016
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Cool cat of the east
Wow...is that bill, he's such a zywicki because he like a cool cat yo
by SyrkinationLover123 March 28, 2016
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