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The religion, culture, and mindset describing the forces of rightiousness. Thier powers derive from their excessively strong, wise, or hardcore nature. Worship is given to the ultimate god Gary, as well as the lesser gods and several legendary warriors:

Mario God of Life
Mr. T God of Death
Serious Sam God of War
Mick Foley God of Peace
Shigeru Miyamoto God of Liturature
The Prodigy God of Music
Count Chocula God of Resource
Lewis Black God of Humor
Stephen Hawking God of Wisdom
Robocop Legendary Warrior
The Gord Legendary Warrior
Ash Legendary Warrior

The followers of Tigerism are constantly at war with the followers of Fuckerism over the fate of this world.
"Tigerism is victorious! We Tigers! We Tigers!"
by Tehkeelah April 01, 2005
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