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Knowing that your girlfriend is snooping around on you, checking your cellphone, Facebook, MySpace, e-mail, etc. to find any sign that you might be unfaithful/cheating on her (whether true or otherwise).
I caught my girlfriend hacking in to my Facebook account and looking at "Photos of Me", I totally got Tigered.
by sdooW regiT December 11, 2009
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Tigered: When the white woman you're married to, finds out you've had sex with more than 10 other white women in a period of 2 months and beats your ass with a golf club.
Bob: Did you see Tom this morning?

Anthony: Damn man, that fool got tigered, I told him to watch his texting and shit but, nooooooo. She beat him good too son.
by NotaTiger March 03, 2010
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to be eaten or destroyed by tigers, or tiger woods, until death.
"But Sabbatini isn't the only player to get Tigered down the years. There's been plenty of them, full of hope and expectation when setting off in the final ..."

"Hey man, you're so fucking gay, I hope you get tigered."
by dr0b0tz January 08, 2008
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1. An act of aggression directed towards one's spouse or partner involving a golf club as a response to said spouse/partner's indulgence in extramarital hanky panky.

2. Any act of spousal retribution with an object that in someway adds irony to the situation.
Elin tigered Tiger's car after discovering that he had several mistresses

Sally tigered her husband, the plumber, with a toilet brush after she found out that he'd been sleeping with the pizza delivery man.
by tigerwoman December 13, 2009
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1. v. the act of being cheated on

2. v. can also refer not only to the act of being cheated on, but also to the painful retaliation against said cheater, generally involving a golf club and a good arm.

etymology: taken from the English pronoun "Tiger", a famous golfer bearing the surname "Woods", who two-timed on his gorgeous wife.
1. Jennifer was ticked when she found out Brad had tigered her with Angelina.

2. Carrie Underwood tigered an unspecified male's car in the chart-topping single, "Before He Cheats"
by CatcherOfRye December 05, 2009
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When one's fantasy of being raped by a real life tiger is actualized.
Sally "the slut" Smith was always into tiger. One day she was walking through Asia, happened upon a tiger, and got tigered.
by JacksonSmith March 11, 2010
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