A way to say "calm the fuck down" without getting in trouble, you little shit.......
Teacher: "DO YOUR WORK NOW!!!!"

Student: "Easy....."
by Whydoyouwannaknow? April 9, 2010
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(1.) Someone who is easy to get with.
(2.) someone who never says NO
(3.) a $20 dollar HOE

ex. yo man that girl amanda is soooo easy... i heard she gives blow jobs fo freeee!

by 20dollarHOEzzzz April 7, 2009
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Jimmy boned a girl. He went to his desk and click the button. "that was easy"
by UDG November 12, 2014
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Leah Calder, mainly.

A term relating to someone who will pretty much sleep with anyone that makes them an offer; for free, or through being charged.

The complete opposite of frigid.
Me: You're easy. And fucking sexy ;D
Leah: I know, right?

Someone: Y'know Leah? She's easy.
by Nataliee September 20, 2007
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The state of which a woman is easy to get into bed.
-sitting in a bar-
-man walks up to woman-
"Can I take you home with me?"
"Let's go."
"You're easy."
by Ms. I Don't Give A Fuck November 29, 2013
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A term used in predominantly southern England, esp. London; used as a greeting, almost exclusively followed by man regardless of greetee's gender.

Exact origins unknown, however, thought to be derived from 'At ease, gentlemen' popularised by military and public service hierarchies.
'Easy, buddy, what's going down?'

'Easy, what are you sayin?'
by beezoh March 18, 2005
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1. The non-erection state of a penis. Being hard means to have an erection, so being "Easy" means you dont have an erection.
As soon as he finished Jacking Off to the hot porno and settled his urge for sexual activity, he was easy.
by suckmydick April 28, 2005
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