To do something with aggressive intent. Added to the end of a sentence in a comical Indian or Pakistani accent.
As you say it, you hold both hands out in front of you and drag them downwards like claws.
'I'm going to make love to you... like a tiger.'
by Ray Babycakes July 18, 2006
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Similer to Fuck lion or tight as a tiger but more so quick and easy, yet long. Like having 100 diffrents girls, and being able to equaly satisfy them all, with no rest, because YOUR the alpha male, and its your job to fuck all the females. hence, fucking like a tiger. (same with girls too, you get packed alot, but it stays tight ALWAYS)
"Man she fuck like a tiger"
"yeah, she is tight after all these years of getn it too"
by Elmo88 July 20, 2008
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After being on a lovely date with a woman, you try and make move on your lady friend. Unfortunately she has drunk a little too much alcohol and then proceeds to retch outside the car door window. You then decide to roll the window up trapping it against her neck. As the windows pins her neck, you have sexual intercourse with her from behind, generally in a doggy style like fashion or any other position you can perform or fathom while she is in a state of immobility.
Sarah drank too much last night and started to puke outside the window of my car. I thought to myself what would happen if I roll up the window. So, I figured why the hell not. Noticing that she was trapped like a tiger, I fucked her from behind. I believed the concept was so brilliant and hilarious that I had to write at urban
by Pb and J September 24, 2007
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"Shelly finally gave it up, dude!"

"Holy shit, how was it?"

"It was SO fucking tight. It was tight like a tiger, man."
by Danny Delinquent January 5, 2004
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Someone who fucks with power and strength.
Usually involving jokes or sexual intercourse.
Hear about Curran? I heard he can Fuck like a sexy tiger.
by DamnThat'sASexyBitch May 2, 2011
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If you are playing terrible golf, as of late, as in putting horribly or shanking your drive, hitting it in the rough, then you must be really playing bad golf. Add to that effect, you are deep in the trenches trying to get out. This may also apply to hitting the baseball (average is down) or jump shot is "bricking."
Yeh, my golf game has been in the dump...I'm like playing like Tiger Woods.
by Go8ball August 11, 2010
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