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Some one who lies about everything and exaggerates the truth.
Zack Langford just told me that he had a threesome what a thumbtack
by Zachethethumbtack October 09, 2011
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Sexual Position. The man sits in a chair and the girl sits on his erect penis. Kind of like how you would put a thumbtack on your teachers chair so that they would sit on it.
"Dude did you bang that chick last night?"
"Yea, I thumbtacked her."
by Rocker2791 February 09, 2009
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Pinning your girlfriend against the wall and vigorously fucking her with a metal condom until she cant move
So what did you do this weekend?
Oh nothing just had some fun doing the good old Thumb tack
by CHINGLINGmaster69 June 04, 2018
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