A man who is very handsome, has a great personality, has the ability to get a lot of girls, flirts a lot, many girls like and would love to get with, one of the nicest people you will ever meet, has a good sized penis, very funny and can make any type of person want to become friends with them.
"I'm such a loser, i wish i was a jon jon."
by Johnny Hobkins April 9, 2009
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man with metal plate in his jaw and fought a pitbull
"Jon Jon? You Talkin about that nigga with the metal plate in his jaw?"

"Fought a pitbull with his bare hands Jon Jon?"
by Sir. Sparky March 13, 2022
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"If you from the hood you know any nigga named Jon Jon is dangerous. This nigga ain't no different. He got a metal plate and his jaw and he beat up a Pitbull. A lot of niggas ain't believe that, Specifically a nigga named jay. So he tried Jon Jon. Hit him right in his jaw. That nigga's hand was never the same". -The Hood Avatar
Jay: "Jon Jon Talking bout he gon slap the fuck outta me? okay lets see then.
Leland: You talking bout Jon Jon? The nigga who beat up a Pitbull with his bare hands and got a metal plate in his jaw.
by Tots_ March 12, 2022
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Dude lets go do something!
- Idk guys i'm really tired and my head hurts.
-Not tonight.
You are being a complete The Jon Jon.
by AppleEater123 July 12, 2011
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AKA Father Function, King of Ocean City, NJ, Rides the bench in JV Football, Grandson of Neil Armstrong, Professional Functioner and married to the send. Feh feh feh.
Godduh Wow is that the king of OCNJ Jon Jon Armstrong, he is so Nelk and Godduh.
by matthewgreim October 29, 2021
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A Jon Jon Blazing Squad is a "blunt sesh" or a congregation of multiple marijuana loving individuals who are smoking a blunt, it can be used as a noun or a verb.
"Yo man roll up that L we gotta jon jon blazing squad before class"

"Last night when we were childo mildonsking we had a hugeee jon jon blazin squad."
by JJBS March 29, 2010
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