Formed in 1960 as the Houston Oilers, they were one of the original members of the AFL, winning the league's first 2 championships in 1960 and 1961. After being good throughout the '60s, struggled until the late 1970s when Earl Campbell began to tear it up at runningback. In 1978 and 1979, they made the playoffs as a wild card team, advanced to the AFC title game, and were dismantled by the champion Steelers. Aquired Warren Moon to play quarterback and rattled off 7 straight playoff berths from 1987-93. However, interest in the Oilers was waning in Houston, especially after a dismal 1994. After the 1996 season, owner Bud Adams moved the team to Tennessee, first for a temporary year in Memphis (while a new stadium was under construction), and then to the permanent home of Nashville. Made the playoffs 4 out of 5 years from 1999-2003, losing the Super Bowl in 1999. In this game, the Titans were stopped inches short of the goal line on the last play of the game as they tried to tie the score. Have not made the playoffs since 2003 and are currently rebuilding.
"Time running out here in Super Bowl XXXIV. McNair drops back, the rush is coming, throws it across the middle to Dyson. Dyson is grabbed from behind, lunges to the goal line, but he is.....stopped short! He stretches but he will not cross the plain! And the Rams have won the championship! The Tennessee Titans come within 2 inches of a Super Bowl but cannot pull it off!"
by Sports Info July 06, 2006
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The Sacramento Kings from the NFL: lots of regular season victories, but sucking in play-offs, in any round. At least, they played the Superbowl.
Ye, Titans went 13-3 in regular season, but they fell in Conference final ... again.
by Kike January 13, 2005
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former Houston Oilers; Steelers kicked the door down against them; home of Steve McNair
The Titans lost the Super Bowl in 1999 on the 1 yard line.
by 0000 October 16, 2003
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just about the worst team out there
the titans suck
being from tennessee, its an embarrassment
The tennessee titans played the colts and got killed.
by TNgirl September 23, 2006
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Just the Oilers. You know, that team that eather looked good, then sucked or lost early in the playoffs every year. Now in Tennessee, they're better, but still can't do good enough (see the Super Bowl in '99)
Dyson reaches for the goal line...can't get there...the Titans get screwed out of a Super Bowl.
by Yeah Right March 23, 2004
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A Tennessee Titan pipe is the act of shitting in a condom and telling your teacher to force fuck you in the anus wearing the condom. It can be played as a game too, whoever’s condom busts first, due to the overflow of shit, loses.
“Hey man did you hear what happened to John? I heard he lost Tennessee Titan Pipe and hasn’t showed up to school in weeks.”
by Climax Grizzly October 08, 2019
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