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An extremly athletically gifted former quarterback for the University of Texas Longhorns. Has the rare ability to win games with both his arm and his legs. Led the nation in passing efficiency. Led the Longhorns to a 41-38 upset of the USC Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl while passing for 267 yards and rushing for 200 more and 3 scores. Drafted number 3 overall in the 2006 NFL Draft by the Tennesee Titans.
Did you see Vince Young light up the Trojan Defense??
by longhorns10 May 07, 2006
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Vince Young, a current NFL starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. He grew up in Huston,TX, and played football all his life. He is most well known for his amazing 2006 Rose Bowl victory over the USC Trojans(41-39)who had a 39 game winning streak. Vince Young then had a controvesal "wonderlick" test results that made him seem like a very unintelligent player, and possibly affected his draft choice. Through the controversie, the Titans still decided to draft Vince as the 3rd pick of the 2006 NFL draft. As taking over starting qb for the titans in week 6, he has lead his team from a 0-5 record to a 8-7 record as of 12/24/2006. His team is a playoff contender as he continues to show his excellence in the NFL.
by matthealy December 26, 2006
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aka: Black Jesus

Charismatic QB who possesses natural leadership abilities and freakish athleticism.
Person 1: Hey did you see Black Jesus gettin all crunk, pumping his teammates up before the game?

Person 2: Yeah, then he went out there and took his team to another victory.

Vince Young deserves his Heisman back.
by YankeeRebelSon October 21, 2007
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Yet another overrated, black "running" NFL quarterback. Good in college, but nothing special in the pros. Has a really lousy passer rating, but ESPN loves kissing his ass over and over because he can run every now and then. In short, he's the new Michael Vick, except he doesn't try to be a gangbanger wannabe (at least for now). Oh, and Collins took them to the playoffs, not Young.
Matt Leinart is a real QB. Vince Young is another lousy, running QB who will never get shit done in the NFL.
by ERAU Nigga January 06, 2008
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an overrated NFL quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. he played in college at texas and won the national championship and was percieved to be better than he actually is, helping his draft stock immensely. he then was drafted 3rd overall in 2006, in front of better quarterbacks, matt leinart and jay cutler. he is best-known for highlights in college of running around instead of passing against teams with bad defenses, his most notable highlight was a fake-pass-turned-run against oklahoma state, a team that won like 4 games.
"vince young drops back to throw....and now he's running again."
by NFLexpert August 28, 2006
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Started as a quarterback for the Texas Longhorns and now plays in the NFL as QB for Tennessee.
He thinks he can play QB AND running back and hogs the ball and tries making big plays and rarely gives any other offensive players their time to shine because he's always hogging the ball.
fan1: what's Vince Young doing??!! he has two recievers WIDE open!!
fan2: yeah...they were also wide open the last 3 plays. he's just hogging the always.
by HipHoPNicoLE August 06, 2007
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It's like a mini-me version of Micheal Vick. The main differences are that Vince does not have the arm-strength or has good arm action on his throws as Mike Vick. And on top of that, Vince Young is playing with the worst recievers and O-Line in the NFL.
Texas/Tennessee Fan: Vince Young is so KOOL! He gonna be the bestest QB eva!!

Me: No, no he wont
by Geeter August 16, 2006
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