Rather than the thumbs up or thumbs down response to something, "thumbs in" denotes an inability to care less. While holding one thumb up and the other thumb down, you then bring both thumb gestures behind you and motion to place both thumbs "in" your ass.
by Thanks for the help Melp. March 12, 2015
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The part of the human hand that keeps shit off of toilet paper.
Were it not for the thumb, your toilet paper would get dirty when you wiped your asshole!
by talk2me-JCH2 April 19, 2022
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One of your five fingers. That's right! It's a FINGER. The thumb is a finger, so fuck you assholes who say you have four fingers and a thumb!
I'd like to shove my thumb up those people's asses.
by Phlegatu May 11, 2004
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The hip new way to indicate you are texting. Matter of fact; all the really cool kids now refer to texting as "thumbing."
Jenny and I were thumbing most of math class today.

(another correct usage would be)
Thumb ya later!

(another correct usage would be)
I will thumb you later.
by Cyprus Denton Fekks October 2, 2011
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When fucking and you get brewers droop or can't manage anything more than a slack-on, one is required to 'thumb it in'
As seen on many porno's
"Fuck me hard Liam", "sorry petlamb, ive gone all soft i'll just have to thumb it in"
by Diamond Dave April 28, 2004
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when someone shoves their thumb into a pleasurable area.
nick and steve thumbed anut mar's coochie
by dufa October 12, 2006
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"Should have put your thumb over the end of it" was the quote of the year at Dysart Golf Club on 07/06/2017 ....
by Bondee April 13, 2018
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