When you get four fingers in your box
Nora got four fingers
by Fuckmikerob September 4, 2017
What Jimbo in the Simpsons calls shoplifting. (All Simpsons characters have four fingers on each hand.)
by JesusWritesPunkSongs January 24, 2005
A nickname for the US MRE (meal ready to eat) menu #6, officially named simply "Frankfurters", produced from the 1980s until the early 2000s.
The name comes from the main course, which consists of 4 horrible, rancid frankfurter hot dogs. Also included in this menu are an equally abhorrent fudge bar, mediocre beans in tomato sauce, and apple jelly with crackers, in addition to the standard accessory packet.
Private 1 - "Aw shit, I just got the Four Fingers of Death"
Private 2 - "Ah shit man, that sucks. I hope the latrine is free for you in an hour or two"
by Booz McGroove March 21, 2022
A pose in which someone is holding up four fingers aka “throwing up fours”. Indicating that they are homosexual.
Did u see him with four fingers up in that photo? He must be gay
by Js485560065559 March 17, 2022