State of male flacidity or temporary impotence due to the mass consumption of alcohol.
I had her in bed and we were about to get our freak on, but I had brewers droop and had to fashion a strapon with a cucumber and duct tape.
by Mattyboyee May 28, 2003
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Erectile dysfunction brought on by too much drinking. Aka "too drunk to fuck"
Dude, she was hot as hell but I could not get my dick hard cause I had brewers droop.
by The Senior Cocksman March 1, 2017
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Also see beerdick. The condition that occurs when a gentleman over-indulges on alcoholic beverages and can no longer maintain an erection.

Probably has some historical basis, or something.
LOL, Carter was totally gonna bone Sharon in the ringpiece, at least until he got the Brewer's Droop. They both went home disappointed.
by BlockIsland January 31, 2009
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