1. Verb - to make someone feel sad by dissing their urban dictionarydefinitions anonymously, from a safe distance away with no come back.
2. Noun: a sad, loser, nerdy type who even his own Mum struggles to love.
Mum: You look a bit glum today, petal.
Geeky Kid: Yeah - I added 17 definitions to urban dicitionary dot com and some yorick went and thumb down every one.
Mum: Sometimes I just don't understand what you're saying.
Geeky Kid: (stressing, stomping out of room) See - even you got me as a thumb down!
by chris firth September 21, 2006
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idiot: hey that definition of that word is so true and im jealous, i just cant define a word sooo good like that. im gonnna have to give him a thumb down just to be a little bitch about it.
by rilesworth July 26, 2006
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"No Thumbs Down", A definition that will most likely receive a large amount of thumbs down, unless readers reading this decide to double reverse me and add a large amount of thumbs up.
Ex 1: no thumbs down is the dumbest definition on urban dictionary, lemme thumbs up it.

Ex 2: hmm.. hes probably trying some double reverse phsycology or something, so lemme thumbs down this...
by guy from hawaii kai January 11, 2008
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Proof that some people have bothered to read your definition.
A thumbs down is beter than no thumbs at all
by yorkie stomper July 11, 2008
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No matter how funny, clear, or nuetral a definition is, for some reason, it will always get atleast one thumbs down.
Computer Nerd: This definition is so funny and nuetral! I better give it a thumbs down
by Geeter August 17, 2006
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What you want when you write a definition to piss people off.
I got 1,334,875 thumbs down for my definition of obama. ALRIGHT!!!
by wjc April 11, 2008
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This definition will certainly get at least one thumbs down.
No matter how good the urbandictionary definitions are, they will invariably get at least one thumbs down.
by Angelacia June 16, 2007
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