somebody who has a thicc (big) booty. A booty that is above average in side
by thiccy123 February 22, 2019
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Defn: how you address one of your thicc ass homies when you see em boolin down the halls. Usually followed by slapping them on the ass as you walk by
Tajariquey: Ayeeee what up thiccums
Thicc Tommy: sup g
Tajariquey: *slaps his juicy ass*
by TMG4Lyfe October 25, 2019
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This is the ultimate thicc, unparalleled in severity.
Holy hell, did you see that girl earlier? She was thiccums and a half.
by Kyeigen October 1, 2018
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To describe someone who is THICC.
Girl: wow look Tanya, she's such a thiccums
Boy: I agree
by wavyputa February 11, 2017
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When a nasty boi with a "fatty in the back" death-drops his jelly to the ground provocatively-you can call him Thiccums😩
*Nasty Boi going a little too ham on the dance floor*
Tym-"Oh heeey Thiccums:P"
Nasty Boi-"um my names Paul..."
Tym-"Naw Ima call you Thiccums😍"
by Gu355Wh05B4ck October 26, 2018
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A person with a dump truck or a big bottoms that is round and shaped like two watermelons
Look at the monkey over there, he looks like he could be a thiccums.
by December 21, 2020
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When a tall guy were small shorts that come up to mid thigh that shows a bad tan line in marching band
Steps on how to be thiccums step1: forget you shorts at home step2: ask the skinniest bamd kid for a pair of shorts. Step 3: wait for the name thiccums to be yelled
by 2nd best marcher in band November 4, 2016
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