"hello" but usually to one in the African-American race
sup g
by Chelsea Cunningham January 12, 2009
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Slang greeting, often used by black people, or by skinny white people trying to look 'ghetto' but just look lame. Comes from 'whats up?' or 'wassup?'
'Sup, G? Got any cheech?'

'Sup, G, hows your moma?'
by Ross aka Quagmire April 24, 2006
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How to greet your homies while meeting at the park to go swinging.
*Walk up to ''homies''*. ''Sup homie g g diggity dawg dawg!? Let's go swingin'!''

"okay homie freako dawg! lets! go flying! hah! dawg..."
by Luh and Bluh September 17, 2006
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