A tan line is line on the body where the skin is tan on one side and pale on the other. This occurs when too much time is spent in the sun wearing the same types of clothes or accessories.
You always wear the same type of sandals, and now look at the horrible tan line you've got!
by savvysparrow June 23, 2006
parts of a girl's otherwise tanned body that are not tanned. Usually caused by bikini straps, etc.
look at that girl's tan lines, she looks like she's got stripes all over her!
by International Bad Boy April 24, 2005
Yet another dumb and overcompensating thing white males say to teach other to show how macho, tough and heterosexual they are.

The person using this term ignores the fact that tan lines often look ridiculous and embarrassing for women who have them, because his purpose is to show how manly he is.

For these types of people, tan lines = woman sunbathing = swimsuit = sex. Therefore, an ostentatious display of heterosexuality must occur, in which love of tan lines is boasted about as loud as possible. This is in keeping with this type of male's equating ANYTHING female with wanting to 'fuck' said thing.

This technique ensures that no one questions this type of male's manliness, although he is often hiding an inferiority complex or his homosexuality.
White male: "Fuckin' right, I LOVE tan lines!!"

Passerby: "Why? They kind of look ridiculous and embarrassing...?"

White male: "Tan lines!!! Fuck yeah!! I get laid A LOT!!!"

Passerby: "But you didn't answer my question...?"

White male: "Yeah!!! Tan lines!!! FUCK!!! Pass me another beer!!!"
by Grackle August 5, 2009
The act of shitting one pants and stomping of the feet to knock said shit down to ankles, hence, smearing legs with fecal matter
Bloke 1: Oi mate i just shat me pants
Bloke 2: Just pull an Alaskan Tan-Line
by TimTam the Big cock man December 13, 2018
When a girl shaves just the top of her pubic hair so it doesn't show above her bikini bottom.
Girl 1: "Come on Skyrim! They're already at the beach!"

Girl 2: "Wait! I forgot to shave last night, I can't go!"

Girl 1: "Just do some tan line shaving!"

Girl 2: "Great idea!"
by NotaStoner420 April 29, 2015
When tan lines get way out of hand and the contrast makes you look like a panda
"Wow, that guy over there took his tanning way too seriously! His tan lines make him look like a panda! He's a tan line panda!"
by Urbanus the Dictator August 16, 2020