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To research a subject and develop a thesis on the subject.
Thesisize autism.
by donaldjjohnsonsr June 02, 2016
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SYLLABICATION: The-sis-iz v. pl. the·sis-izs (-sz)

Definition 1. (v.) To research and write a thesis.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin, collection, from Greek, from tithenai, to put; see dh- in Indo-European roots. Senses 5 and 6, Middle English, from Late Latin, lowering of the voice, from Greek, downbeat, from tithenai.
MEANING: The act of developing a Thesis from the synthesis of contraries to, and analysis of, observations of physical and/or behavioral reality with postulates (the accepted truths to reason on) clearly stated.
FUNCTION: The process of developing conclusions with logical truth value based on verifiable observations of physical and/or behavioral reality.
Thesisize the results of your synthesis of the contraries (apposing arguments) to the analysis of the observations of the inner city decline of civilized behavior.
by donaldjjohnsonsr July 12, 2016
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The act of penning and creating that highly unfortunate invention commonly referred to as a "thesis". Generally a requirement of collegiate academic institutions, this is the word many use to attempt to sound cool, when in reality "writing a big-ass paper" is a much simpler clarification
Thesisize: now say that 5 times fast
by John F. Yourmom September 16, 2012
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