A motorized vehicle with over size tires, enough horsepower to rescue a three ton elephant from quicksand and a glove compartment filled with country and western CD's.
He bought a pick up truck to drive to work but then lost his job as an accountant and didn't need it anymore.
by bullshitzer June 2, 2010
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a pickup truck adorned with one or more of the following features:

1. Confederate flag sticker
2. Oversized wheels
3. On a lift
4. Mudflaps that actually get used
5. Mud
6. A knife stuck in the front seat
7. A gun behind the seat
8. NASCAR or other racing brand stickers on the back window

This type of truck is usually seen in a hicktown and are driven by guys between the age of 16 and 30.
"Hey look, he made his pickup into a hick-up."

"Look at that confederate flag on his truck that has huge wheels and is on a lift! It's definitely a hick-up truck."
by freckers July 21, 2009
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country folks use the term jacked up truck meaning it's a lifted truck that has some dang nice tires to go along with it for muddin
city slicker: hey why is thart truck lifted up so high?
redneck: thats a jacked up truck whatchu think??!!!
by rererererererereredneck March 7, 2017
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Dat delightful "click-kuh, click-kuh, click-kuh, click-kuh..." flashers-relay sound dat you hear when da brown boxy delivery-van is parked in front of your house, instantly throwing your excitement into overdrive in eager breathless anticipation of whatever delightful package that the driver is gonna deliver to your family.
Dat familiar UPS-truck cadence may indeed be an exciting sound for regular residential customers to hear, but da loud cloying rhythm quickly becomes "old" for da driver, since he has to listen to it all day at each and every delivery-stop, when he has to activate da truck's safety-flashers.
by QuacksO February 25, 2019
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A version of a pick up truck usually with 4 doors and a short bed serving little to no purpose other than to get groceries.
This truck can't do anything except takes kids to soccer. I should have never traded my old truck for this chick up truck.
by skoobuh steve November 13, 2013
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The way a country person refers to a city person's truck. Short for pick them up truck, as in pick up the kids from school. refers to a truck that has never been off-road, never towed a trailer and the heaviest thing in it's bed is ego and a weeks worth of groceries. Always a crew cab, because it is actually used as a minivan.
He went from his office job to the school in his shiny new pick'em up truck to get the kids.
by ConradPuck August 18, 2017
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