Another, more discreet, name for LSD that comes on a blotter/tab.
"Hey dude, did you get the cardboard yet?"
by 53v3N May 12, 2009
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A word used to describe a person who is bland, boring and/or stiff. Someone who shows no facial expressions and often times has no reaction to anything. Usually, Cardboards don Canada Goose jackets, wear their jeans around their ankles and peruse of the word "SWAGGA" excessively.
Troll 1: That guy is such a cardboard.
Troll 2: I know, I've never seen anyone as bland and expressionless as him.
by Troll1234567890 January 13, 2011
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Board which is made out of card (hard paper), can be used for eating purposes or making cubbys out of, smells like mouldy bathroom.
i could do with some cardboard right now!
by smythe October 20, 2004
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another name for cheap pizza ie. cardboard pizza. examples like totinos and other $1 pizzas.
by acetic August 30, 2003
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The summer and spring version of winter sledding (on snow). Cardboarding takes place on a grassy, steep hill and instead of riding a plastic or metal sled, you ride a large piece of cardboard.

It may sound hella lame, but its actually quite amusing on a summer day.
"I miss sledding :("
"well we can go cardboarding now that summer is here!"
by Laur6336 June 12, 2008
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When you run out of toilet paper so you have to use the cardboard roll.
The bathroom was out of toilet paper so I ended up cardboarding
by Construction Lou July 22, 2020
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Something boring / dead / plain
"He's got cardboard banter."
"You're jokes are cardboard."
by Donnyrightere December 2, 2016
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