Just sand, but you can get trapped and suffocate in it.
"Oh no! Help! I'm trapped in quicksand! I'm about to drown!"
"Actually, quicksand is just sand, but it's just a bit runnier."
"Oh hey, I didn't know that. That's pretty cool. Gurgle"
by Skelwor September 7, 2009
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1)Quicksand- Sand surface that when stepped on, gives way which causes you to sink at a certain rate due to certain factors:
-Surface Area

2)Quicksand(Situation)-Situation where no matter what you do, things only get worse. Even if you are trying your hardest to make things better.
Example 1:
Bill: Hey watch your step.
Bob:What...*steps in quicksand* Ahh! What is this?!
Bill: You just fell into some quicksand!
Bob: Bummer...*sinks*

Example 2:
Bill: Ah poop...
Bob: Hey what's the matter?
Bill: It's my wife, no matter what I do our marriage seems to break away.
Bob: Well there's only one solution.*Pulls out gun*
Bill: O_o*sigh*
by Tasty Poptarts December 11, 2009
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Allowing your friend to sink lower and lower into hideousness in order to maintain your attractiveness. Slow and sad sabotage.
Carla's blind vision to self beautification could only be cradled by Gina's quiet but stealth quicksanding.
by Hbomb082 October 19, 2013
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An instance after a sexual encounter, where rejection by one party only increases the attraction of the other party. Thereby, further enveloping the rejecting party into a cataclysmic pool of never-ending harassment.

i.e When a male encounters a clinger in which she believes she is entitled to post-dating/pre-girlfriend rights.
Joe: Hey Dave, did you get rid of Patty?
Dave: Nah man, the harder I try the more I get stuck in quicksand.
by tripod2011 September 6, 2011
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An act in which the man presses his dick into an unstimulated vagina (read: not wet) so that the dick slowly, inch by inch, descends into the increasingly lubricated abyss
Last night, I met this chick at a bar. She was not worth the foreplay (or the two dollar shots). Consequently, I quicksand-ed her, yelling obscenities while her sick ass got gradually turned on.
by quicksandingsoba September 5, 2010
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When you lay on your back and your nipples disappear because your breasts are so empty and deflated

Sunk into the pool of floppy skin that was once a rounded boob
Feel free to retrieve my nipples from my quicksand tits with your tongue
by Working Class Hero December 28, 2021
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A person who sucks you into a long and boring pointless conversation you want no part of, and you have no way to get out of.
Sorry I was late, hon, the woman behind me in line at the market sucked me into a social quicksand.
by photojenna July 11, 2008
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