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The mysterious things the man from the UPS truck brings to your doorstep.
Dude! The UPS guy brought me a flimsy cardboard box again! What should I do with it?
by Myrus June 25, 2017
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(1). The only word to contain both ‘hetro’ and ‘clit’.
(2). A word used to replace the overused word of cringe so to not soak all the flare and meaning out of a sentence.

Actual definition:
(1). Deviating from what is normal.

(Linguistics). Used to describe a noun that declines irregularly
Musical.ly is quite the hetrocliterous of an app!” I Hate Everything

Many people find English hard to learn because of its many hetroclite nouns.
by Myrus February 24, 2018
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Kevin: Dude there was someone flying around our skywars game with kill aura, but he didn’t get banned by mineplex anticheat! Well anyways, do you want to play another game?
Phillip: Hold on I just got kicked for flying for walking up stairs with lag.
by Myrus December 11, 2017
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