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1. He is the shadow that creeps into your window at twilight and dances at the foot of your bed, just to creep you out. He is the troll that makes you rethink your entire life with a sentence. A wizard of humor that will destroy you with lulz. He is The Shmooze, not Darkwing Duck.

2. Also known as The Snooze.

3. The self-proclaimed nickname of Sam Gosland, a Costa Mesa college student and identical twin with a wicked sense of humor and long feminine hair. Frequently procrastinates and makes it by the teeth.
"Behold The Shmooze, destroyer of worlds!"
"Who's that guy?
Oh him? That's The Shmooze. You don't fuck with him."
by The One and Only Dylan Gosland September 03, 2008
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