A substance (usually brown) very much like logs that is the result of digested food. It comes out of your anus as you sit on the can. It can also come out of your anus at any other given time.
see poop or shit
My poopoo is on the floor, i couldn't hold it in any longer.
by bobo July 6, 2004
Poopoo Old man slang for a skanky gal that PARTIES.
Poopoo, you look good...you partying tonight?
by Roger Polk April 18, 2006
A diarrhea-like condition experienced by pets that eat people-food.
Don't feed my cat that, she's gonna get the poopoos!

Koshka! Stop eating that or you're gonna get the poopoos!

Fine. Eat it. But you better not get the poopoos, cuz I'm not cleaning it up.
by Nikolai Nikolayovich July 3, 2006
Something stinky, a very terrible and and inconciderate insult. It is more terrible then being a meanyhead
My friend Frederick VanShnogglehoff the IV is such a Poopoo.
by Mike Chanler February 21, 2004
Haha poo poo go neyroooooodown the hole. Flush and done.
Haha I love to eat poopoo mmmmm very satisfied i am.
by BigboytopdogD August 20, 2020
the little-kids way of saying poop.
kid: Mommy, I have to go poopoo!
mom: Hurry to the water closet!
by IceLady February 16, 2013