A refrence to Waukesha, WI, suburb of Milwaukee
"Yo, I'm headed to the Sha tonight."
"Man, there's shit to do in the Sha."
"Which Fazoli's is the best? The one in the Sha, of course."
by tannicfer September 18, 2004
(1) Another name for the city of Waukesha, WI, used by the people that are from or around the city
"You goin' into the Sha tonight?"
by Anna January 28, 2005
something you say when you must quickly move out of the way quickly
Ray:"Ruben look out for that falling piano!"
Ruben: "Sha sha sha"
by TheDmanpualwall February 3, 2009
Soft, tender, romantic girl - utterly beautiful, artisticly sound.
Her art spoke with confidence and might - as though it had been created by sha sha herself.
by Craig Ashley Morgan May 24, 2004
A word used to get out of large incredibly stupid situations. Used for confusion or diversionary tactics
Oh My god whats that behind you!
SHA SHA SHA said while fleeing and opponents back is turned
by James Lopo August 20, 2003
how you feel after listening to ben kweller. that's just how it should be. sha sha. sha doo. in short its fun to say and repeat.
don't bother me when i'm watching planet of the apes on tv. sha sha. sha doo.
by christina February 7, 2004
the short form of "shut teh fuck up" used when some one proves you wrong, but you do not want to admit it. or to simply shut someone up.
by matt January 26, 2005