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the microsoft editor acceptable version of fo' schizzle my nizzle hahaha, or as some people would call it, the white version.
type fo schizzle my nizzle into microsoft word and when the red lines come up or u do word check itll give u for schnitzel my nozzle
by Anna March 22, 2004
Some one who doesn't alow the use of nouns in a Scrabble game, or the third-person conjugation of a verb. example- "runs"
Sn: "Hey! You can't use 'runs'!"
you: "What are you a fucking Scrabble Nazi? I can use any verb I want, bitch."
Sn: "Shut up! I wasn't talking to you!"
by Anna October 16, 2004
effney mocked me for being blonde :(
by Anna April 2, 2003
to make tidy, orderly, arranged
Your mom had to shevel after I was done with her last night.
by Anna September 13, 2004
great and amazing musician who was killed by courtney love due to a very long story read one of the books about it.
by Anna June 25, 2004
A term I made and my friends have used it means many things.
F*** (persons name)
A name for a person you hate.
somthing random to say.
Mikosuna! I have a teast today!
Mikosuna, Brenden
by Anna December 13, 2003
A stupid show that idiots try out for because their life sucks. The judges are complete dolts who think they know everything and all the "competition winners" always look the same and sound the same. (Their careers last about 2 weeks).

A make-money-fast idea that is dragging on while it can.
"Oh, no... yet ANOTHER American Idol..."
by Anna July 16, 2004